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Is Fish Oil Safe?

Fish Oil Safety

There are some questions as to the safety of fish oil that have been circulating in the media as of late.  Before you succumb to fear tactics take a look at this response letter to one of the main detractors of fish oil.  This response was written by an expert in health and wellness, feel free to look him up and enjoy his down to earth explanations of the benefits of not only fish oil, but a healthy lifestyle in general.

What Does ‘Essential’ Mean for Supplements?

Essential Nutrients

Many labels have claims on what there products contain, and some of the amazing benefits that you can get from a plant that only grows on top of mountains once every 20 yrs (no offense intended).  While some of these exotic elixirs may be a great addition to your diet, you may be suprised to find that much of the wonder supplements available today are not essential.  So what is essential?  Essential nutrients are nutrients that your body cannot produce itself, but needs to function properly; this means they are essential for you to consume!


What Happens When You Don’t get Essential Nutrients?

You lose function.  You may not notice it and it may take years of repeated malnutrition for a problem to manifest itself, but you are creating new cells everyday and those cells require the proper raw materials to duplicate themselves.  Many theories exist that improper raw materials during cell division is what leads to premature aging and the onset of chronic illnesses.  



Find a way to include essential nutrients in your diet everyday and the result will be a healthier, younger looking, and happier feeling you. 

Plant Verses Animal Based Omega Threes

Different Types of Omega 3’s?

What kind of Omega 3 fatty acids are we looking to get when we take supplements?  We are looking for the type of fatty acids that our body can use and that will benefit us the most.  The types we want specifically are EPA and DHA.  Whenever you are considering any source of Omega 3’s you should always be aware that you are trying to get EPA and DHA as the end result, without these you are not getting the increase in health that you would be taking a supplement for.

Who Should Take Fish Oil?

Who Could Benefit From Fish Oil?

Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids.  These fatty acids are classified as essential to a healthy, optimally functioning cell.  The fact that they are essential means  a couple of things;

1. Your body does not make them, so they have to be consumed.

2. You need them to be healthy, it is not an option if you want to be healthy. (hence the word essential) 

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