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Scary Omega 6 Costumes

Omega 6 Monsters

We are in the season of monsters, ghouls, ghosts, goblins, etc… but there is a beast lurking in your body that you may not know about.  If you have ever seen someone who suffers from some form of an inflammatory condition such as arthritis and has had the crippling effects of long term swelling (that is what arthritis is) which corrodes their joints and narl their fingers/toes, you have seen what kind of a monster too much omega 6 fatty acids can be to the body.  Much like a werewolf scene from the movies we can watch people transform into odd shapes and disfigurements due to the joint swelling they are experiencing.  The only difference is that it happens at a slower pace in real life and we often feel helpless to stop it.

Aging and Fish Oil


In the last entry we discussed some key topics regarding aging and the aging process.  We came to the conclusion that alot of aging relates to how well your cells are able to replicate themselves and the DNA they contain.  Also covered was the way that toxins can effect the proper replication of your cells and interfere with nutrients getting in and out of the cells.  Feel free to click on the link above to review this in a bit more detail.


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