Third Party Testing Importance

3rd Party Testing

When you look into fish oils it is important to understand that alot of the claims made by the company selling you the oils have not been tested.  3rd party testing is when a seperate entity not associated with the fish oil manufacturer tests the fish oil and gives an accurate lab analysis of the contents in the bottle.  What this means is you know that what the label says is what is in the bottle. 

Does It Matter?

The FDA is starting to monitor supplement companies much better and that will increase the quality of the supplements available including fish oils, but they don’t have the resources to monitor everything.  If you were going to buy a house you would have it checked out by a professional before buying it, the same goes with fish oils, having 3rd party testing is like having an expert review your home before you buy it to make sure you get what you pay for.

Where Do I Find Good Fish Oil?

The quality of fish oils has dramatically increased the past few years, but there are still factors that set the top manufacturers apart from the rest, including 3rd party testing, natural ratios of omega 3’s, taste, price, etc…  The fish oil we recommend to friends and family and take ourselves can be found in our products page.  I openly ask everyone of my patients and you to find me a better fish oil, and for the past 5 years running nothing has beat it, based on our strict criteria.


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  1. Thanks for your comments, and I agree Medical Doctors are behind the times and are slowly starting to realize the benefits of eating right. Not sure they will ever give in to the fact that “you are what you eat”.

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