Aging and Fish Oil


In the last entry we discussed some key topics regarding aging and the aging process.  We came to the conclusion that alot of aging relates to how well your cells are able to replicate themselves and the DNA they contain.  Also covered was the way that toxins can effect the proper replication of your cells and interfere with nutrients getting in and out of the cells.  Feel free to click on the link above to review this in a bit more detail.


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Anti Aging Facts

Anti Aging Facts

Why do we age?

This is a question people have been asking for ages and we have had some luck in answering at least a part of the story.  The most feasible explanation for aging in general is that your body is constantly replicating itself, making copies of your cells that will replace the old aging cells, but  just like a copy of a copy you lose clarity as the copies are made over and over.  As the clarity is lost so is the function and we begin to have declines in function of whichever system of cells has been taxed to make the most copies. 

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Cholesterol and Fish Oil

Is Cholesterol Bad?

Despite all the bad press cholesterol is a necessity for many forms of life including us.  The definition goes as follows; a sterol, that occurs in all animal tissues, especially in the brain, spinal cord, and adipose tissue, functioning chiefly as a protective agent in the skin and myelin sheaths of nerve cells, a detoxifier in the bloodstream, and as a precursor of many steroids: deposits of cholesterol form in certain pathological condition like atherosclerotic plaques.  Don’t run out and grab a bag of doughnuts just yet too much of a good thing has been linked to problems. The research is clear that you need cholesterol in your system, but it is also shown to be involved  (not necessarily responsible for) with poor heart health.

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Blood Pressure and Fish Oil

What is a Healthy Heart?

Before we talk about some different ways to increase heart health we should take a second to gauge what is healthy.  We will define a healthy heart as one that can keep blood pumping throughout your body without problems, and that can also respond to increased demand without complications. Today we will focus on blood pressure and medications.

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Heart Health Month

Fish Oil for Heart Health

When looking for reasons to start taking fish oil it is easy to see the compelling evidence that it helps people with heart issues.  There are numerous studies pointing to the beneficial effects of fish oil on some of the key indicators for overall heart health; such as HDL: LDL ratios, cholesterol in general, blood pressure, etc…  Given the amount of information and the overall concern that alot of heart troubles are directly related to lifestyle issues we here at Fishoilguru would like to spent the month of August addressing the problems leading to Heart disease and how Omega 3 fatty acids can help. 

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