Who Should Take Fish Oil?

Why Do We Age?

Your body is a complex machine.  It has many different systems and each one performs a specific task.  Some systems would include cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, etc…  Regardless of which system you look at you will ultimately find that each system is made of the same parts, your cells.  It is the cell that houses your DNA, it is your DNA that replicates and dictates how you age.  If your goal is to maintain good health as you age and you are not supplementing with fish oil, you are not meeting your goal.

Essential Nutrient

When a nutrient (like Omega 3) is called essential, it means that you need it to be healthy; and also that you need to consume it.  The reason you have to consume it is because you cannot make it yourself.  As we age the cell walls in our body need to maintain a proper ratio of Omega 3’s to stay ‘squishy’.  When we consume too much bread, pasta, cereal, etc, then our Omega 6’s get too high and our cells become rigid and inflammed and cannot replicate as well, this leads to premature aging and loss of function in one of the systems as we talked about earlier.

So Who Would Benefit From Fish Oil?

Anyone who has cells, period.   If you are not getting your essential Omega 3’s then you are not able to build the body your DNA is asking for and you will not last as long.  If you had a house that was supposed to be made of concrete and you used cardboard instead you would not expect it to last; this is true with your body as well.  So regardless of age, condition, sex, or any other factor you are still supposed to have enough of the essential nutrients to maintain health.

Why Not Flax Seed?

While it is true that flax has many good benefits and some Omega 3’s, the Omega 3’s it has (alpha linoleic acid, ala) are not ones that your body can use for creating the cell wall.  Your body needs EPA and DHA, which is found in fish oil.  While flax is beneficial in many ways, your body cannot convert it’s Omega 3’s so you have to still take EPA/DHA.

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