Heart Health Month

Fish Oil for Heart Health

When looking for reasons to start taking fish oil it is easy to see the compelling evidence that it helps people with heart issues.  There are numerous studies pointing to the beneficial effects of fish oil on some of the key indicators for overall heart health; such as HDL: LDL ratios, cholesterol in general, blood pressure, etc…  Given the amount of information and the overall concern that alot of heart troubles are directly related to lifestyle issues we here at Fishoilguru would like to spent the month of August addressing the problems leading to Heart disease and how Omega 3 fatty acids can help. 

Heart HealthWhy Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the number one killer in America according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) accounting for 616,067 deaths in the year 2007!  This number is expected to continue to grow as lifestyles continue to become more sedentary and mentally stressful.  The indicators for the disease that are used as markers of heart health are only the signs of prolonged lifestyle choices, these indicators are often present for long periods of time before a heart attack occurs.  This is not an effort to downplay the indicators, merely a wake up call that you can make choices to help change them.

What Can I Do?

Nothing can take the place of a qualified health care practitioner giving you a thorough workup, but sadly many in the medical field will prescribe medications that come with some of their own nasty side effects.  In the following weeks we look to empower you to make better lifestyle choices to help protect your health as well as the health of the people you care about.  We will look into the history of heart disease in general, things you can do instantly to increase your overall health and hopefully lead you toward some information to help you make an informed decision about your choices. 

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