Blood Pressure and Fish Oil

What is a Healthy Heart?

Before we talk about some different ways to increase heart health we should take a second to gauge what is healthy.  We will define a healthy heart as one that can keep blood pumping throughout your body without problems, and that can also respond to increased demand without complications. Today we will focus on blood pressure and medications.

How Does Blood Pressure Affect Your Heart?

Your heart is like a pump that is constantly pushing blood through your arteries to its destination and then back to your heart through the veins.  The amount of pressure that is in your arteries and veins contributes to how well your blood moves to and from the heart as well as how it gets into it’s target organs.  If you have an increase in blood pressure it can be stressful on your system, since it makes it hard for blood to get in and out of the organs efficiently.  Short bursts of increased blood pressure are normal in response to stressors like running or worrying.  Your heart can help regulate the amount of pressure in your blood by slowing down and speeding up.

How does Medication Lower Blood Pressure?

If you know anyone on medication for blood pressure you can be sure that what they are taking lowers blood pressure in one of 2 ways; it slows the heart, or thins the blood.  Slowing the heart decreases blood pressure as it would if you turned down the faucet, less water coming out (less blood being pumped), means less pressure.  Blood thinners lower blood pressure by making the blood easier to push through the circulatory system.  Think of stirring a spoon through water or honey, the thinner the liquid the easier to move the spoon.  Some people will take a combination of the 2 medications.

How Does Fish Oil Help Lower Blood Pressure?

 Fish oil works to keep the blood from becoming too thick and sticky, this allows the heart to easily pump the blood and maintain normal blood pressure.  The added bonus of this is that you don’t get any of the harmful side effects that are associated with medications.  So now you have another great reason to take your fish oil and share your knowledge with loved ones.

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