Who Should Take Fish Oil?

Why Do We Age?

Your body is a complex machine.  It has many different systems and each one performs a specific task.  Some systems would include cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, etc…  Regardless of which system you look at you will ultimately find that each system is made of the same parts, your cells.  It is the cell that houses your DNA, it is your DNA that replicates and dictates how you age.  If your goal is to maintain good health as you age and you are not supplementing with fish oil, you are not meeting your goal.

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Is Fish Oil Safe?

Fish Oil Safety

There are some questions as to the safety of fish oil that have been circulating in the media as of late.  Before you succumb to fear tactics take a look at this response letter to one of the main detractors of fish oil.  This response was written by an expert in health and wellness, feel free to look him up and enjoy his down to earth explanations of the benefits of not only fish oil, but a healthy lifestyle in general.

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New Year, New you, Resolutions

Resolutions – 10 Days Into Your 2012 

So you made a list, you thought about what was important, and now you are running out of steam.  If you look at most New Year’s Resolution top ten lists almost all of them we have seen include 5 or more that involve getting healthier.  Some of the most popular are losing weight, quitting smoking, getting fit, eating better, etc…  Unfortunately the plans to achieve these goals seldom make it to paper and even less often to we stick to them.

5 Birds 1 Stone

When we picture our future selves we often think of a healthier more robust person who has gained something for their effort.  This ideal person we look to become is not created by a single act, but rather by a repetitious act that becomes our norm and standard way of life.  One easy change that takes 50 cents a day and less than a minute to accomplish is to make Omega – 3’s a part of your daily routine.  You can get pharmaceutical grade fish oil for less than the leading pack of gum.  The healthy components present in fish oil effect all the above mentioned goals for increased health and more!  Increase the success rate of your healthy new year resolutions by adding 1800 – 2000 mg of omega 3 fish oil to your daily diet.

How Do I Know Which Fish Oil To Get?

You have asked the right question, and unfortunately the answer is not easy.  There are some companies that use misleading labels and  then use fillers to make you think you are getting what you need and taking your money while not fulfilling their promises.  You can look at the fish oil quality section on this blog to help with your selection.  Make sure to at least get the right dosage/ day (1800 – 2000 mg minimum) and then learn about the cost effectiveness, easiest dosage, and best tasting.  Make this year the year you complete your new year resolutions.  To stay motivate, check out other blog posts about heart health, anti-aging and more.

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Scary Omega 6 Costumes

Omega 6 Monsters

We are in the season of monsters, ghouls, ghosts, goblins, etc… but there is a beast lurking in your body that you may not know about.  If you have ever seen someone who suffers from some form of an inflammatory condition such as arthritis and has had the crippling effects of long term swelling (that is what arthritis is) which corrodes their joints and narl their fingers/toes, you have seen what kind of a monster too much omega 6 fatty acids can be to the body.  Much like a werewolf scene from the movies we can watch people transform into odd shapes and disfigurements due to the joint swelling they are experiencing.  The only difference is that it happens at a slower pace in real life and we often feel helpless to stop it.

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Cholesterol and Fish Oil

Is Cholesterol Bad?

Despite all the bad press cholesterol is a necessity for many forms of life including us.  The definition goes as follows; a sterol, that occurs in all animal tissues, especially in the brain, spinal cord, and adipose tissue, functioning chiefly as a protective agent in the skin and myelin sheaths of nerve cells, a detoxifier in the bloodstream, and as a precursor of many steroids: deposits of cholesterol form in certain pathological condition like atherosclerotic plaques.  Don’t run out and grab a bag of doughnuts just yet too much of a good thing has been linked to problems. The research is clear that you need cholesterol in your system, but it is also shown to be involved  (not necessarily responsible for) with poor heart health.

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