The cells in your body are in a constant process of creating balance.  Each cell takes in nutrients and eliminates waste to keep your body running smooth and pain free. We each need a proportional level nutrients in and waste out to be healthy.

Source: Balance by Cathy Rigby

In today’s industrialized nations this crucial balance is being thrown off due to a deficiency of one key nutrient the body requires for proper function. The natural amount of Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil is essential to help offset the amount of Omega 6 found in your body. The ideal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in our body’s cell membrane is equal to a 1:1 ratio.


The ratio most often found in the modern American diet is 20:1. This 20:1 ratio leads to health concerns ranging from effects on the cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems leading to heart problems, poor brain development, and reduction in digestive health. To restore the balance it is important to increase the amount of Omega 3’s in your diet through supplementation and to decrease the amount of Omega 6 in your diet.  These two steps will help your body achieve the balance it requires for health allowing you to perform at your best.

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