Anti Aging Facts

Anti Aging Facts

Why do we age?

This is a question people have been asking for ages and we have had some luck in answering at least a part of the story.  The most feasible explanation for aging in general is that your body is constantly replicating itself, making copies of your cells that will replace the old aging cells, but  just like a copy of a copy you lose clarity as the copies are made over and over.  As the clarity is lost so is the function and we begin to have declines in function of whichever system of cells has been taxed to make the most copies. 

 Why do some people seem to age slower than others?

Everyone has seen a person that looks, moves, or recovers much better for their age than most people of the same age.  Why do some identical twins have different health problems when they have the same genes?  While genes code for the copies mentioned above they are limited by the raw materials present for them to use.  What that means is that if your genes (which are inside the cells) do not get the materials they need to replicate correctly they are forced to make due and you will age a bit faster because you are using makeshift materials.  This would be like a printer that needs black ink to make copies, but uses blue or another color when the black is low; you can still read the copy, but it is not what it was meant to be.

 What can you do to help keep your body looking/ feeling/ and functioning like a younger you?

Taking the above paragraphs into account one great way to maintain your youthful vigor is to increase the raw materials needed for proper cell replication and to decrease the toxic products that would put a strain on your cells ability to replicate.  Fish oil (Omega 3’s) fit the bill for both categories as it is one of the key ingredients in the cell wall (the part that protects and helps nourish your DNA) which also decreases inflammation associated with toxins.  The proper balance of omega 3’s ultimately helps to slow the aging process improving the quality of life.

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  1. Thanks for the advice, we have been thinking about starting a forum and may add one soon.

  2. Mark says:

    Thankfully people who are definitely overweight and suffer from a variety of diseases are able to reduce the severity of their illnesses by means of adding fish oil to their diet and losing weight.

  3. Great suggestion Donald, we plan to get one started in the near future. Most of the things are in place behind the scenes to start, we just need a little more time to wrap up the final details and test things to make sure it works correctly. FYI – your comment and others like yours are the reason we are going to add a forum to our website. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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