Aging and Fish Oil


In the last entry we discussed some key topics regarding aging and the aging process.  We came to the conclusion that alot of aging relates to how well your cells are able to replicate themselves and the DNA they contain.  Also covered was the way that toxins can effect the proper replication of your cells and interfere with nutrients getting in and out of the cells.  Feel free to click on the link above to review this in a bit more detail.


Fish Oil is Anti-Aging?

If we look at some of the key factors of aging listed above then we would be smart to see how fish oil can help to decrease the effects of normal aging in a person.  First off fish oil is anti-inflammatory.  What this means is that fish oil can help to slow down and mediate some inflammatory conditions and reactions.  One good example of an inflammatory condition is arthritis.  Because it acts as an anti-inflammatory it helps to reduce the toxic load your cells have to carry and process on a daily basis, this has been shown to help with numerous conditions and ailments.

Fish Oil is a DNA Defender

Did you know that your cells house the blueprint for life, and that they are responsible for replicating this blueprint as precisely as possible?  Did you know that your cells protect themselves with a wall?  This wall is like a castle wall you see in medieval movies, it can selectively let things in and out and is designed to keep the people inside safe from intruders.  The importance of the cell wall is just that it acts as a barrier that can protect the DNA in your cells and at the same time let nutrients in and waste products out.  What this wall is made of is 1 part omega 3’s and 1 part omega 6’s.  The ratio is 1:1 and as long as this ratio is present you function in a healthier way then if it is not maintained.  The main problem in today’s diet is that it is loaded with omega 6’s, this leads to your cell wall not working as good as it could and why omega 3’s are so important to add to your diet, which helps to maintain the balance in your cell walls.

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